Conn-Comp is a paid commercial real estate data service that has been in business for over 25 years. The data service includes building sale comps for all commercial property types and for all types of land. Our comps are used by nearly the entire commercial real estate market. Conn-Comp also provides users a complimentary real estate listing service powered by uslistings.com.

The data service covers all areas in Connecticut excluding some areas of Litchfield and Windham County. The listing service is available regionally.

Membership pricing to our service is partially based on usage, number of users, and number of offices. Please call today for a free quote. Demonstration videos on our site illustrate how our system works.

Our clients include various agencies of the State and Federal Government, lending institutions, nearly all leading national real estate firms, and the great majority of local/regional firms. We also provide data to private clients.


Conn-Comp data is verified by highly trained staff and is more accurate and reliable than other comp services. Our staff includes seasoned researchers and MAI commercial appraisers. Our data stretches back over 25 years allowing users to measure market changes over time with unparalleled accuracy. Comps are verified with municipal records and with property inspections.

Data Scope and Breadth

Conn-Comp has the highest percentage of comps available in the market by far. Our company data is not populated by a listing service like our competitors, rather is based on the total market per municipal records and our market knowledge. Our database is the most comprehensive and trusted in Connecticut for commercial real estate.

For Appraisers

Conn-Comp is the premier service to identify the total comp universe. Our database has all the sale comps on the market, not just those included on a listing service. Appraisers can rely on Conn-Comp to know they have the total picture.

Appraisers get access to sale comps and can export data to excel for analysis. Our historical comp data allows appraisers to pair sales and conduct trend analysis for market conditions adjustment support. Conn-Comp is used by over 95% of commercial appraisers in the State.

For Brokers, Developers, Investors

Use our data to go after new clients! Browse comps to gain insight to local trends and who is buyer/selling real estate in your territory! Our records include the buying/selling entity legal name and mailing address and can be used to create mailers or targeted marketing campaigns. Use our data to set client expectations or underwrite new acquisitions.

For Banks and Mortgage Originators

Use our mortgage database to compare your rates and lending activity to your competitors. Gain insight into your targeted property types and territory to go after new business! Our mortgage database can help you grow your loan portfolio by quickly accessing meaningful loan data! We currently service a multitude of lenders ranging from private/hard money to national banks.